Hi! I’m Morgan!

And I am SO grateful that you’re here.

Stepping into your power can be one of the most challenging endeavors. I say this not from a place of cliched norm, but from a place of cold hard experience. There are days when I have happily stuffed my feelings, closed my mouth and shut down any desire to live my life to it’s fullest, just so the boat wouldn’t rock. Yet slowly, over time, those threads of life I was so desperately clinging too wore thinner and thinner threatening to send me smashing into the reality of my choices, into the reality that is LIFE. And they did. Faced with my own actions, choices and creations life finally gave me only one more option. Step into the Creator I am. Live through my Heart and imagine a life bursting with love, abundance and satiation with all that I have and ALL THAT I AM.

You get to have that too. Truthfully we ALL do! Every single one of us has the power to create exactly the life of their wildest dreams. Every single one of us can (and does!) live in FULL EXPLODING ABUNDANCE!

As a seeker, a student, a teacher, a grower, and a giver, my path to Guiding has been anything but typical. I’m not here because I know it all (quite the opposite in fact!). I am here because together we can figure it out. I am here because I have been called to a path of reflection and creating space for others and It is an honor beyond honors to hold the container for you to find you voice, find your footing, and to launch into the creation of your one beautiful and precious life.